We all buy power.
Together we buy for less &
Make A Difference

There is Power in Together.

Together we have buying power. Together we can do good and make a difference. By joining together to purchase electricity for our homes and businesses we all save money because there is power in together. And together we can empower charities that make a difference everyday because we donate 1/3 of our fee to charities.


Our unique approach to aggregating residential customers to buy electricity allows us to obtain pricing and options that no one customer can get on their own.


We take a third of our fee, which is paid by you as part of your energy cost, and we donate that third to one of our partner charities of your choice.


Electricity EZ is the residential division of Brasovan Energy Solutions. We have been helping customers buy power since 1993. Find out more about who we are and what other customers are saying here.