We all buy power.
Together we buy for less &
Make A Difference

You have a lot of choices when it comes to who manages your home’s electricity. You can use a large multi-million dollar company that passes on their massive overhead to you in their fees.

You could use a very small company that has very little experience and just acts as a broker for you and the big boys.

Or you could use someone that works for you, the customer. We are ElectricityEZ, and we are you local Tarrant County electricity consultant.

We want to be your electricity provider for years to come because you trust we are doing what’s best for you, and not the electricity companies.

As a local company with over 25 years experience in the energy sector, we know how to find the very best rates that many people overlook or ignore.

What is the magic? What makes you guys special?

Nothing particular. The difference is how we approach the search, not some special deals we broker behind closed doors. We offer a full concierge service when it comes to your electricity needs.

That means we find the best rates regardless of contract term or usage and do all the work for you.

For example:
You may find a 12 month contract rate at 7 cents kw/hr. That may be a better rate than you are paying now. Sweet.

However we may find a 2 month contract 4 cents kw/hr rate. That’s the rates most people walk right past because they don’t want to have to do the tedious rate shopping work again 60 days from now.

That’s where the concierge part comes in. As your energy consultant, we do ALL THE WORK for you. It’s a simple concept that we apply to all of our relationships. The best rates, the best service aimed at making the customer the focus.

We would love to be your electricity consultant. Ready to talk? Reach out today if you have questions via our contact page, or let’s get you started right away.

Electricity EZ.com is the small commercial and residential division of Brasovan Energy Solutions LLC. Brasovan Energy is owned by Mike Brasovan.

Mike has been saving customers money, time and headaches for over 23 years. He has been helping mainly large electricity and natural gas customers purchase energy since 1993. Mike’s customers have included universities, large hospital groups, the City of Dallas, Tarrant County, DFW Airport, Pepsi Co., Texas Motor Speedway, The University of North Texas Health Science Center and many, many others. BES currently helps large and small customers from Virginia to California, and even in Mexico, find the lowest cost energy supplies that meet their business needs. Essentially we are energy purchasing experts that allow our customers to concentrate on more important things in their lives (time with family, enjoying the life God has given them, working to run their businesses, etc) rather than trying to understand the energy market and find the best deal for them. We provide this expertise on a part time basis saving our customers time & money. Additionally, we do all this for a known fee. Most “brokers” don’t tell you what they are making, resulting in lots of money in their pockets and less in yours. Our customers always know what we are making and we don’t charge more than $0.003/kwh.