We all buy power.
Together we buy for less &
Make A Difference


Electricity EZ takes a third of our fee, (which is paid by the supplier as part of energy cost, the same way brokers get paid) and we donate that third to one of our supported Charities of your choice.

We at Electricity EZ believe that it is ingrained in each and every one of us the desire to make a difference in the world. By evaluating and affiliating with several local charities that make a difference in our community, we give you, our members, the opportunity to choose one to support and to make a difference. One third of our fee is donated to those charities each month. We recognize it’s not a huge donation per member because our fees are small. But, together, those donations add up. The bigger our buying group gets, the better the savings and the bigger positive impact we have on our communities, together.

We know we can do some real good if we link arms together. So, we hope you will join us today!