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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Electricity EZ save me money?
Simply put: group buying power and knowledge of the market. The people at Electricity EZ have been helping large customers buy power for over two decades. We will be using that expertise to buy power for the group and find the best deal available. A deal that no individual customer could get on their own. The larger the group gets, the larger the savings should be.
How does Electricity EZ work and get electricity to my house?


Electricity service comes in two parts:

  1. The wire company or delivery company is the company that has the wires and poles to your house. The delivery costs are regulated and set by the government.
  2. The energy supplier is the entity that is responsible for selling you the energy used by your house or business. The supplier’s rates are deregulated or negotiable. There are lots of suppliers out there.

Electricity EZ’s job is to use the buying power of all of our clients together to find the best electricity rate available on the market from the energy suppliers (also called Retail Electric Providers or REP’s). This energy supply is then delivered through the same lines and poles serving your house. The only thing besides the price that changes is the name on the bill you receive from the energy supplier.

What is the energy rate?

Your energy rate is the amount that the supplier charges for electricity supplied and used, and does not include delivery charges. This is also the component of your electricity bill that suppliers control and that EZ uses to compare electricity plans.

Why the contract/commitment to use Electricity EZ?

Due to the dynamic nature of the electricity market (the prices can change literally every minute), we can’t find a deal and then take the time to ask each individual in the group to agree to it, sign documents and send them back to us. By then the price would have changed. Instead, we ask our members to allow us to buy for them. In addition to saving our customer’s time and hassle, this also gives our buying group the ability to watch the market for opportunities and lock in all or part of the future prices as the market moves. This is how large customers buy power. Unlike individual small customers who can’t get a new contract more than one to two months into the future buying as a group will allow us to do this, providing greater opportunity for buying when prices are low.

Hence, to take advantage of this flexibility and to avoid asking our members every couple of months for additional purchasing permissions, we ask all members to make an initial one time commitment when they sign up.

Where can I get a copy of my contract’s terms and conditions?

After completing your sign up, EZ will review all of your information and then send you a copy of your contract through email. If you did not receive your copy or have misplaced your copy, you may contact us and we will resend that to you.

Why does Electricity EZ need my Social Security number?
Just like when you sign up for power, the suppliers need to know if their customers have good credit or not. We will be providing them this information so they can assess the risk and bid for the group as competitively as possible. On a daily basis M-F the social security digits received and DOB information will be removed from the web server.
What if I need to cancel service because I am moving out?
No problem. Depending on where you move, you may be able to transfer service from your current location to the new one. Additionally there is no penalty for moving out if you are going somewhere the supplier can’t serve you. However, you must notify the supplier and typically supply some proof that you are moving and not just cancelling the contract.
How does the charity I choose get paid?

As we are paid by our customers, EZ will donate to each charity selected quarterly. EZ will send out updates on how much is being given to the charity you have chosen.

What are my Billing and Payment options?

EZ will receive your electric bill(s) and send you an email notice with the bill amount and EZ’s service fee. We will let you know when we plan to draft the money for the bill from your bank account that you provide us during the signup process. You will have at least two (2) business days to tell us to delay the draft if needed. Absent receiving a delay request we will draft your account and then pay the supplier. Assuming the draft date is not delayed by you any late fees will be our responsibility.

Unfortunately we cannot except credit cards. The transaction fees are too high. If we are able to provide more billing options as the group grows we will let you know.

How do I renew my contract with EZ?


Whether you receive an email notice from EZ or if you are enjoying your savings and hassle free service and would like to continue to be provided with our services, we ask that you would go through and review our renewal terms, which we will send to you in an email. This will allow us to gather any updated contact and account information and this will also provide you with an updated agreement and contract term.


How Does EZ Get Paid?


EZ is paid by you, our customer, directly through monthly electronically drafted payments. As EZ receives bills on behalf of our customers, we will send out email notices (at least 3 days in advance) when the draft will occur, along with the breakdown of Supplier dues, usage, and EZ fees ($0.004). You may always let us know if you require more time for these funds to be drafted.


My power has gone out, who should I call?
While you are welcome to call us if your power goes out, we recommend you call your local utility directly, and reference your Service Address. They may be able to explain the reason for the outage, and provide an estimated time for correction. If the outage is already known, then they should be able to provide an estimated time to complete the necessary repairs.


For your convenience, below is a quick reference list of local utility companies in the areas of Texas we serve.
The contact phone numbers are also listed on your invoice.

AEP Texas Central Company (formerly Central Power and Light)

To view the current outage map AND report an outage using their website: https://www.aeptexas.com/outages/report/

· AEP Texas North Company (formerly West Texas Utilities)

1-866-223-8508 To view the current outage map AND outage using their website: https://www.aeptexas.com/outages/report/

· CenterPoint (Houston Area)

To view the current outage map: http://gis.centerpointenergy.com/OutageTracker/

· ONCOR Delivery Company (Dallas, Fort Worth Service Area)

To view the current outage map: http://www.oncor.com/community/outages/

· Sharyland Utilities (Mission, McAllen, Brady, Celeste, Colorado City, and Stanton)


· Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP Service Area)

To view the current outage map AND report an outage using their website: http://www.tnmp.com/customers/power-outages.htm?source=m0tl2