We all buy power.
Together we buy for less &
Make A Difference

Welcome to the Electricity EZ Family.

Before you fully signup let’s make sure you know what to expect!  We are now offering one level of service for our customers.  The good news it’s our best level of service!  Concierge.

After several months of testing we determined that almost all customers want this level of service and it’s value went way beyond the average $2/month additional cost compared to our old standard service.  Hence we have decided to streamline our offerings and our operations and concentrate on what customers really wanted.  For that small cost you get:

·        No more new utility companies calling you and wanting you to buy more power from them at questionable rates.

·        Someone working for you to make sure the bills are paid on time and that they are right

·        The JOY of not having to wait on hold to talk to another utility customer service person!

·        No risk of late fees.  If we are able to debit your account on time and the bill is still late we pay the late fee.

Can you put a price on that?  We did.  And it only costs you about $2/month more than our old standard service!

Service Listing Service Provided$0.004/kwh Concierge Level Find You the Best Rate Buy Power for You Monitor your Contracts Work for the Customer Increase Buying Power Monitor Bills Concierge Customer Care Invoice Accessibility on EZ Website